Minecraft Modding Tutorials - 1.12.2

Hey all, and welcome to the Minecraft Modding Tutorial section on the website, in this area there will be tutorials for modding Minecraft on various versions. Over time there will be more and more tutorials on here, so remember to check back often! In this first one I will show you how to install and set up your modding environment so you can start modding Minecraft!
Just a few small side notes, if you are in the discord I will be posting in the announcments tab when a new tutorial is released on the website and if there is a video to go along with it! I would also recommend you learn java as this makes it easier to diagnose and find potential fixes for yourself instead of asking the whole community to fix a small syntax error for you. Saying that you must learn java before doing this may sound pretty daunting, however, even if you just know the basics then it will make your life much easier when it comes to obstacles in the future (Remember to always check that you have spelt variable and file names correctly!) Before we start make sure you have an IDE installed, such as Eclipse or IntelliJ. In this tutorial series I will be using Eclipse, but it's just up to personal preference.

Anyway, without further ado lets start modding Minecraft for 1.12.2!

Tutorial One:
Setting up the Workspace